I don’t plan to binge-watch “Quincy.”
I’m not going to a support group for scrapbooking addicts.
I will avoid croquet games with people who are stoned.
I don’t see any value in learning FORTRAN.

I don’t plan to sell unmatched socks on eBay.
I’m not going to appear on “Naked and Afraid.”
I will avoid Satanic Zoom meetings.
I don’t see any value in near-beer yoga.

I don’t plan to hang glide in the nude.
I’m not going hang gliding fully clothed, at least not in sub-zero weather.
I will avoid any group tours that feature hang gliding, either in the nude or in sub-zero weather.
I don’t see any value in preparing for hang gliding, since I’m never doing it–unless there’s beer involved. . .  No, not even then.

I guess I don’t really have a life, do I?