Here time slows all around me, blurred
Figures circle. All that’s scheduled deferred
To the task of severing former electronic ties
Reconnecting to this new thing on which all relies
For friendship, leisure, commerce, vital facts.
Until it’s finished I cannot relax.
                                                            But first,
A pin, a password, DOB, email address—
Vital data surrendered only under duress
To link me through the ether, outstretched arms
Of electrons bounced around to farms
Of circuits, liquid lines of magic flow
To link me, rescue me from isolation
Real and digital, through this electric nation
Which I visit only rarely, surviving barely
With contacts, apps, and photos dearly
Saved to some unknown and unseen cloud.
Grasping the device to which I have endowed
Such power. It’s my passport home
To real life reset to local, not to “roam.”