But Judge I let him run free.
I gave him an open door,
Gave him all those best years.

Never stinted on good meals,
Walked with him every step,
I didn’t deserve his disrespect.

That bitch next door drew him
Away. Loyalty, love flown like
Down on the crosswise wind.

No sir. I never beat him before.
But I just did what he deserved.
Running to another, that whore.

The old man can divorce me
All he wants, that dog is mine.
And I’ll whoop him if he needs it.

Now Judge, I’ve said my piece.
What’s mine is right, he never
Liked dogs anyway. Don’cha see?

Gavel sounds, “ For God’s sake
Let that woman have her dog. If
She hits him again, arrest her.”

Order in the court.
Next case, Mary Lou.
Who wants to sue who?