she needed protecting from:
words she deemed “offensive”,
belief in God,
belief in right and wrong,
belief in anything

other than that she is
an ape descendent
capable of changing
the climate of a planet   

she needed protecting  from:

she was oh so very fragile:

all who were different from her–
all who dared to not tow her line:
bigots, racists,
homophobes, fascists,
sexists, etc., etc.,
etc., etc.

she would cover her ears when they spoke,
retreat to her safe space,
lob grenades

free speech was allowed
only if
your speech
was like
her speech.

express a different view–
prepare to be labeled
(see above)
and banned,

she had many friends, every one–
just like her.

individuality was not a word
in her dictionary. 

she had her baby removed from  
temporary housing
–nine month lease–
piece by piece.

she was taught to cling to
the obvious lie:
the torn limbs and crushed skull
were her body–
not a now-dead person,

who would have had a name,
a journey,
a life,
a purpose 

who may have been