lo, what have we here,
a venus in my fly trap?
your tongue in my palm,
with passions feeding
upon the flames and
unspoken truths
in my tender hand…


how carnal this cathedral;
a chocolaterium for the gods,
a soft universe trapped
in edible umber.


via kiss weakness rushes
into knees and a talisman
awakens in want, needing
to make you its temple;
an unadulterated altar
of our quiet collusion.


our conjoined cadences
are everything wished for;
to act shy salts the tongue –
a perfect waste of private
cosmos. to not be desperate
blocks the blessing… you
kiss me and i fall / unafraid,
into infinities unnumbered, into
flesh spiked wet, dark with desire.

we fall / unafraid because
the dawn always catches and
the empyreal is always waiting.