I had one hummingbird feeder,

now I have two.

I thought one was enough

to feed the few.


Each spring I fill the feeder

and place it on the staff.

Every four days I repeat,

only filling to the half.


One day I began observing

and mentally taking note.

Two hummingbirds  were fighting,

for one there was no hope.


Dueling with their beaks,

and clicking away.

Fluttering and bumping

until the one flew away.


I did not understand

since there were six holes.

They had plenty of space

but, one wanted control.


I went to the garden center

and purchased another feeder.

Cleaned it and looked around

and placed it on a cedar.


The aggressive hummingbird

still hovers around.

But the others don’t care

there’s a better feeder up town.