I don’t want anybody I just want everybody to want me
like intertwining branches on a tree
I wrap around myself so narcissistically
trapped in these tendencies 
I tend to depend on constancies of drop and then amend
leaves fall without stop and I pretend,
there not gone but then again,
I find myself swept away by my own wind

and I drift ever so slowly to lay underneath the area of an old wisteria tree
as I ineptly inspect burdens I can only obscurely see 
its perspicacious purple whispers wisdom to me 
and the efficacious therapy averts a vexatious plea

but I continue to meander until I lay in exhaust, 
on the soft forest floor moss
adoring how the branches of the deciduous tree crossed,
I soared the amiss advances and remained lost…
tranquility and its cost?
my mild mindset mixed with tea brewed from an alecost
in my favorite canvas I became tossed