Just when we thought normal life could resume,
the Virus has slapped the back of our collective head
and said,
Not so fast.
States that reopened early,
with fanfare and a smirk of arrogance,
are now teeming with new cases.
Hospital are choked with the illness,
no beds left,
triage a spreading dread.
Rewind the tape of New York City in March and April.

Newscasters call it out of control,
their expressions sobered by shock.
The side-lined Dr. Fouci bites his tongue,
but we spy it anyway:
I told you so in a cartoon balloon hovering
above his head; Science having been outshouted
by the fervent wish to believe
the Myth.

Let’s clink wine glasses and toast
to petulance,
to ignoring common sense,
to signs that boast, Selfish and proud of it!

While the rest of the world shrinks back in horror
at our numbers (and bodies) piling up,
the Virus, sporting a MAGA hat,
is laughing its ass off.