There is no damn conceivable reason
That rationalizes the irrational
There is no damn retrievable season
That could take us back…

Here I stand.
Still. As a clear and ghosted night.
Can’t let you from my sight.

Muscle tensed.
Ready at any moment to run,
Run to you
Who takes solace knowing, to you I succumb 

The one.

The one I mull through every minute detail of life,
The one I can’t wait to share my poems to,
leaving out the words that may hurt you…

Because, no doubt they are pointed indeed,
Leaving no mercy for you or for me

This is why I simply can’t, and don’t,
Though, conscious says the word is “won’t”

Your approval could take me to the moon
Your burning eyes may take me there soon

Intertwined in every cell of my being
It seems.
Haunted in daylight and the darkness of dreams,

By your unmatchable and intentional placement of hands,
Haunted now knowing the same hands found new places to land

However brief,
For whatever why,
She brought you relief,
Each time I see it, I wish you’d just lied

There is no damn conceivable reason,
Bullied and broken all parts of me now
There is no damn retrievable season
That could mend what I’ve allowed