Emily Withenbury

Bio for 2023

Emily Withenbury lived in Lexington, KY just long enough to discover its most brilliant gem: LexPoMo. With the help of her restless desire for creative adventure, the Carnegie Center, and an amazing and ever-expanding community of fellow lovers of words, Em will spend this LexPoMo moving to Roanoke, VA. In the fall, she will begin an MFA in Creative Writing at Hollins University, a degree she understands to be centered around rocking chairs on covered porches, hiking the many named and wild mountains of Appalachia, and learning how to live alone for the first time in her life. It promises to be a chapter rife with poetry, for better or worse. When not moving away from Lexington (something she also somehow did during LexPoMo 2022), Em lives and dies by the blood orange espresso tonic at Lussi Brown, pineapple and celery infused gin at County Club, and the doughnut with all the sprinkles at North Lime. She moonlights as a florist with Sarah Drury, the incredible talent behind Drury Floral. Kentucky’s sunsets are her favorite color.

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For the love of it all

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Participated in the 2022 Lexington Poetry Month Writing Challenge
Participated in the 2022 Lexington Poetry Month Writing Challenge

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