I’d like to stick my head out the window Let this smog fill my lungs 2020 era Sylvia Plath


I’d like to stick my dynamite stick in the air Have an elder shake his head he’s a vet.

My bad

I’d like to tell Nikolas Cruz I think his lashes are hot I think his actions are not Evil begot acne?

I’d like to tell you this is the part where everyone stops But you’re the villain in at least one man’s story.

I’d like to be Canadian and live in Canadia. I’d like that grenadine tang Taste like grenadia.

I’d love to put a razor to your halo but I’m not much of a barber but call me bro I’m home all alone.

I like a weak bitch flexing like he finna jump, I don’t mind letting him buck if he want all the smoke.

I’d like to think I’m not half bad. I’d like to say I’m sorry but I can’t. I’d like to wear my do-rag in a Publix. I’d like to be alone. I’d like to eat foil Make my filling hurt my back few teeth. I’d like to understand Homestuck I’d like like to find a juul pod under my seat. I’d like to dust off my shoulders, but my arms don’t reach far enough to touch the shoulder blades.

Okay, there 

These are just the basics, the groundwork, surprise me. Good looking out. I’ll see you in the morning.