A man walked alone with his thoughts and feelings.
The week’s events had left him reeling.
Silence was something he just couldn’t find.

So he sat out a going nowhere
The wind blew where he once had had hair
He tried to forget all about the grind.

He passed beneath the railroad tracks.
The sun sank lower on his back.
And finally he was with him alone.

Beneath his feet the gravel crunches.
And peace falls over him in bunches.
As he turns on the flashlight on his phone.

He rests upon a fallen trunk.
Gets rid of anxiety junk.
But suddenly he’s startled by a sound.

“Hey you, young man, what is your name?”
“It’s Frederick.  I ask you the same.”
We’ll get to that, young man, all in due time.

You sought me out young man, you see.
This is my land.  That there’s my tree.
With honest answers we’ll forego the fine.”

“How would you know if I spoke true?
I could say anything to you.
And you’d be none the wiser, don’t you know?”

“I’ll tell you son, truth I can tell.
And I know lies, son, just as well,
For your sake, just have faith that it is so.

Believe it or not, you sought me out
By walking, running from self doubt
No one sits on this tree here by mistake.

What can I do to satisfy?
To dry the tears that cloud your eyes?
Tell me son, tell me what will it take?”

Frederick knew his words were true.
He did as he felt he must do,
And laid it all out right there for the man.

“I turned my back on her, I did.
I was a young and frightened kid.
Nobody, I thought really loved me so.

I ran away and looked for signs
That she truly really could be mine.
I didn’t think that she would really go.

I’ve walked around for years in grief
I’ve buried all this pain beneath
A smile, a grimace, or an angry word.

Not one who knows me figured out
What my big struggle was about,
But you can know for sure that it is her.”

“Do you think you’re the first, young man?
You think that I don’t have a plan
To bring your dear beloved to your arms?

I guarantee you son, I do,
And I’ll put in some work for you,
But first you’re gonna have to do some harm.

I guarantee you’ll kill no dove, 
And soon she will be mad in love,
But first you have to give me what is mine.

My neighbor took my land away. 
A dirty lawyer trick he played.
And when he did you know he crossed the line.

Yonder under tree he naps.
Creep up on him with this old axe,
and seperate his body from his head.”

Frederick turned his head and looked.
He grabbed the axe while his hands shook.
And slowly he followed where he was led.

The chest rose up, the chest fell down,
An axe was swung through to the ground,
A pool of black reflected a full moon.

“Good job young man, you’ve made me proud.
The bastard boasted way too loud.
Your woman will be in your arms real soon.”

“You told me you’d tell me your name.”
“Son I know you know this game.
I don’t think I need to tell you a thing.”

Ol Fred nearly bumped his head.
He woke up and fell out of bed.
Awakened by vibration and a ring.