Fat can kill you. Not just belly fat which everybody knows.
Fat may be replacing skin as the largest organ of the body.  

But this is about vitamins, right? happy, happy, joy, joy. Gimme more, gimme more, Bs and Cs, OK take all you want.  

Take way, way, way, more than recommended, they’re water soluble,
all you get is very expensive urine.  

In contrast, the villainous fat-soluble vitamins
A   D   E   K once swallowed, they stick with you,  

taken up by fat cells everywhere,
the heart, the kidneys, arterial plaques, everywhere.  

Of course, if you don’t get enough you get deficiency:
vision loss—A, rickets—D, blindness—E, bleeding—K old news  

When Artic Explorers got incapacitating headaches doctors found
they were eating loads of polar bear liver loaded with vitamin A,

 Hypervitaminosis A causing pseudotumor cerebri, a known fact.
In passing, I love saying that word, don’t let it push you away  

here you go: SUE dough too mer  SAIR ah brye
I could say it all day, a lovely rhythm, troche, spondee, etc  

If you like, you can sing it to the tune of the old round
The More We Are Together. Sour note when it snuffs your optic nerves.

The active form of vitamin D is calcitriol, cal SIT ree all,
increases calcium absorption then promotes its entry into everywhere. 

Being fat soluble it’s the gift that keeps on giving. The too much
you took today is on top of the too much yesterday and so on.  

People catching every craze from Dr. Oz and all the other charlatans
are seeking death by food fad. If we can’t bring back common sense,  

any professional dietitian will set you right on this stuff. Or John Prine: Blow up your TV, throw away your facebook, move to the country,
build you a home, have a lot of children, feed em on peaches,
let em find Jesus, on their own.