Candace Chaney | LexPoMo 2020



native of Eastern Kentucky, Candace studied poetry at UK with Kentucky Poets Laureate Jane Vance and Gurney Norman before launching a career spanning arts journalism, academic book publishing, and non-profit leadership roles. She continues to freelance write for area publications like the Lexington Herald-Leader and Smiley Pete Publishing and plans to pursue an MFA in creative writing. She is currently the Katerina Stoykova scholarship recipient for The Gauntlet, an intensive, year-long generative workshop in which poets commit to writing 100 poems in a year. She is a frequent creative collaborator with Bolivar Gallery director Becky Alley and is also the founder of the Kentucky Women Writers Conference Prize for Women Playwrights. She is an excellent roller skater and bad cook.

Reason for signing up:

Because I sign up every year and fail but every year I fail better and that's what old Sam Beckett said to do.

Poems Submitted This Year: