LexPoMo Participants

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A. A. Kate
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a. a. kate lives with her family in a normal urban neighborhood. With chickens, honey bees, a geriatric parrot, cockatiel, and two dogs she spends most of her time tending to the animals and caring for her large backyard garden. Her growing interest in the environment is the spark for the majority of her writing.
Reason for Signing Up:
I signed up for LexPoMo because I wanted to try something new. I really need to start opening up about my writing and find fresh ways to create ideas, plus it will be a great experience for me, and will help fuel my writing interests.
A. E. Bryant
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Anna Bryant has been writing in journals, scraps of paper, notepads, and sometimes just directly on her hand. She uses words to make sense of the world around and the vast worlds of her imagination. Every mark on a page has a story to tell.
Reason for Signing Up:
One of my dear friends encouraged me to take the time and take an adventure! Thank you S. Waterbury.
A.M. Wagers
A.S. Hook
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Annette lives with her husband in Lexington and enjoys creating and enjoying all forms of creative arts. She is celebrating 60 years of life by participating in many new adventures including Lexington Poetry Month
Reason for Signing Up:
A new adventure, a new challenge, a new reason to create.
Aidan Ziliak
Almighty Yesenia The Poet
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Her names Yesenia Ramos
She has the diagnosis of Friedreich’s Ataxia
She uses her poetry to cope with her diagnosis as well as depression and anxiety.
Yesenia is homebound due to Friedreich’s Ataxia and shes also an introvert.
She is a bilingual Mexican.
Reason for Signing Up:
I’m into poetry, it has saved me from really dark times. Jude Lally recommended me to LexPoMo and I decided to sign up.
Alyxandria N. Richard
Alyxandria (she/her/hers) is a transfemme writer and desperately wishes she'd been around for the 80s. She likes twinkly emo music from the midwest and tries hard to remember that we don't make mistakes; we have happy accidents.
Reason for Signing Up:
I love poems!
Amanda Holt
Amanda Corbin
Photo of Amanda Corbin
Amanda Kelley Corbin holds an MFA in Fiction from UK and a BFA from Morehead State. Her work has appeared in Kentucky Monthly's Writers' Showcase, JMWW, Eunoia Review, Fried Chicken and Coffee, and Madcap Review, among others. She lives in Lexington with her husband and sons.
Reason for Signing Up:
Fourth year and counting!
Amy Camuglia
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Amy Cunningham
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Andrea Lawler
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Andrew Depew
Andrew Depew has been writing for various sundry reasons for more than a decade. He's had poetry and prose published. This is maybe his third lexpomo. He doesn't keep good records.
Reason for Signing Up:
Habit and bugs
Andrew Depew
Andrew Depew has been writing for various asundry reasons for more than a decade. Hes had poetry and prise published. This is maybe his third lexpomo. He doesnt keep good records.
Reason for Signing Up:
Andrew Wilson
Photo of Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson is a Native Kentuckian and Eternal Oregonian, convinced he’s the Luckiest Man Alive.
Reason for Signing Up:
Meadow made me.
Anne Hayden
Classically trained NYC actress- She currently helps children prepare for auditions - singing (She was a singer) acting, speech, 'how to basics' of auditions - Also, teaches piano. She too has cats - 3
Reason for Signing Up:
Did this last year - it's like falling into a different world - No one 'on the outside' can get in! I've so missed it!
Arianna McCurry
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Ashley M. Smith
Ashley Marie is from Lexington Kentucky. She is 25 years old,currently works at saint Joseph east in dietary and has a 6month old son with her fiancé Michael.
Reason for Signing Up:
I signed up because in my spare time I enjoy writing whatever is on my mind or writing small pieces over the years that have crossed my mind,some are unfinished, some are yet to come. My mother in law does this every year and I asked about it, she recommended that I sign up so here I am!