Lori Taylor | LexPoMo 2020



Lori Taylor writes everything from notes to poetry to NaNo WriMo novels to family history for sheer pleasure. She suppressed the urge to write until her mid to late thirties. She enjoys reading, puzzling, and being creative for fun and for problem solving. Her favorite genre is Historical Fiction. Lori celebrates her Appalachian heritage in writing and table conversations with coffee. She wears many hats and feels all the feels all the time. She lives in Georgetown, Kentucky with her husband, Mark, their three daughters, 2 Shelties, and a black torby cat named Kitty (who demands a seat at the table on top of Lori’s desk invited or not.) Lastly, Lori encourages anyone who has something on their mind and heart to write it down. If you don’t feel like it, do it anyway (just like she tells her daughters when it’s time to do the dishes!)

Reason for signing up:

LexPoMo invites participants and readers alike to celebrate life through verse no matter what level of expertise, and I love that about this community.