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A. Mills
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Monday, April 19, 2021 @ 5:29pm
Axel is an creative writing major based in Omaha, NE. Identifying as a queer trans man. A minority in all senses. Whom hopes to bring a different and emotional voice to the community. Based on mental health and his personal experiences.
Reason for Signing Up:
I’ve always been too scared to put myself out there. Now it’s time to get serious about myself and where I hope to be. I also have a wonderful friend whom encouraged me too.
Sunday, May 9, 2021 @ 5:46pm
a.k.a. spends most of her time writing, and the rest with her chickens and dogs.
Reason for Signing Up:
It’s June again :)
Thursday, April 15, 2021 @ 12:42pm
Aaron Reding
Friday, June 25, 2021 @ 1:03am
Reason for Signing Up:
I find it easier to write when surrounded by others doing the same thing.
Abby Kane
Abigail J. Miller
Thursday, June 3, 2021 @ 5:26pm
Abigail J. Miller is a visual artist, writer, and teacher from Lexington, KY. In her free time she makes up song parodies about her dog, cat, rabbit, and turtle.
Reason for Signing Up:
The community!
Abra McCurry
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Sunday, May 23, 2021 @ 5:53pm
Abra is a writer at SCAPA Bluegrass and plays the Trumpet. She has many pets such as her four dogs Ivy, Wicket, Merry, and Pippin who she loves dearly.
Reason for Signing Up:
I signed up because my dad forced me to and I like writing poetry.
Wednesday, June 2, 2021 @ 3:31am
She writes about the stories she feels
Allen Blair
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Alvera Lisabeth
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Thursday, May 27, 2021 @ 1:49pm
Alyse Sammarco writes poetry, short stories and plays. Her writing tells stories in a uniquely introspective way, touching the reader with the emotion of a moment captured on the page. She is strongly influenced by the forests and streams of the Ohio River Valley were she grew up. She studied at the University of Rochester in New York, and at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio where she earned a JD. "Lawyers are wordsmiths, crafting stories through images and recording what would otherwise be forgotten." She has 3 sons and practices law in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Reason for Signing Up:
Sing baby sing! Even if it’s off key. Painting by Ricci Michaels.
Amanda Holt
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Thursday, April 29, 2021 @ 6:26pm
Amanda Holt is a high school English teacher whose poetry is influenced by her experiences in the woods, the garden, the classroom, and the depths of emotions she can't otherwise express. Poetry has been her healing and her teacher for many years, and she is grateful for the Lexington literary community for inspiring her practice each year.
Reason for Signing Up:
I love the Lexington poetry community, and I love to see its growth each LexPoMo.
Photo of Renmeleon
Monday, April 19, 2021 @ 12:20pm
Under the name Renmeleon, illustrator, author, and designer Ana Maria Selvaggio has been a working creative for 35 years. Living a very eclectic, digitally-analog life, Selvaggio has a passion for writing and has worked in and around the publishing industry since the mid 90s as a book designer and editor.
Selvaggio founded and ran global art collaboratives as well as several creative writing groups out of her home for more than 20 years. Selvaggio teaches K-12 and adult workshops online. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of Kraft Paper Muse magazine.
Selvaggio lives with her husband and daughter in Berea, KY. All three are writers.
Reason for Signing Up:
My earliest writings were poetry so it has been nice to get back to it.
Amy Cunningham
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Amy Figgs
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Tuesday, June 1, 2021 @ 8:12pm
Amy is a housing advocate for homless youth by day and a poet in her free time. She turned to poetry during tragedy in her life and used it as a way to express and expel her emotions.
She is in the process of publishing her first chapbook, Sum Of My Parts and is learning to write poetry through the good times now.
Reason for Signing Up:
To challenge myself and keep writing!
Amy Le Ann Richardson
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Andrea Lawler
Sunday, May 23, 2021 @ 11:21pm
Andrea is a teacher by day & event stylist by night and a mother & wife always. If she had free time, she definitely would spend a large part of it writing and creating. This is why she loves June so much!
Reason for Signing Up:
Creative therapy.
Angela Bari
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Thursday, April 15, 2021 @ 10:41pm
Angela puts on paper what her introverted self cannot say out loud.
She constantly tries to find a balance between having roots and wings.
Reason for Signing Up:
Being brave enough to show my work.
Angela Rowe
Thursday, May 6, 2021 @ 5:44pm
Angela Rowe is originally from Middlesboro, KY, but considers herself a West Liberty, KY native since she spent the majority of her childhood and teen years there. She and her children moved to Morehead, KY where she attended Morehead State University, graduating in December of 2006 with a Bachelor of Art in Elementary Education and in December of 2020 with a Master of Art in Education Teacher Leader- Counseling. She has three wonderful children: Tyler, 22, Taylia, 18, and Tanner, 12.
Angela has experience in the public school system as both a full-time and substitute teacher. She currently is positioned as the Educational Program Coordinator/Manager with the secondary teacher preparation program, MSUTeach, at Morehead State University. She has been employed at the university since 2013.
In her free time, Angela enjoys spending time exploring the world with her children, advocating for matters dear to her heart, and being involved in her community.
Reason for Signing Up:
I signed up because the writing group that I am in suggested that this was a good event to participate in.