Man, what a year! Sylvia Collings read the 2246 poems we wrote this year and selected one from each poet who posted a poem. Thank you for writing and sharing your work. The list is in alphabetical order by last name.

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. haiku 
a. lawlerTruth #22 
A.E. BryantDo You Remember? 
Abra McCurryAlone in the dark 
Amanda CrumDoorway 
Amanda HoltTo a Friend, on Being Ghosted 
Amanda JettaThe Hills 
Amy Camugliaannie rose 
Amy CunninghamOn the Day There Was No Good News  
Amy Le Ann RichardsonHeritage 
Andrew Wilsonfar far away 
Anna WalshI Spy 
Anne HaydenDownsizing 
Arianna McCurryspider-friend meets bee 
Ashley Taylor5-Jun
Ashley TaylorMixed Signals 
atmospheriquePetit Jean, June 19th 
Austin GreenMoney 
Austin RathboneSilver Linings of Domestic Life #2 
Barefooted Brave GirlBody parts Beaten 
BeatriceFor Valeria and Oscar 
Bernard DevillePuffy Dream Spoons 
Bethany Yonts90 seconds (an LTMS tribute) 
Bianca BargoI Forgot 
Bill VerblePromise 
Brigit TruexJune, Faraway 
Bronson O’Quinn Training your Adopted Child to be Batman 
Callie Budrickpaper clothes 
Carole JohnstonFather 
Carrie ElamFrom The Sea 
Chaiya MillerThen What 
Christina Joythe estuary’s mouth 
Christopher McCurryStamina 
cl kirbythe apology. 
Claire QianCold 
CleoPoem for Poetry/ Gift of Grab 
Constance Brownsmall things 
Dangerfield YellaQuarter til 1am at IHOP or Full 
David Nealuntitled 
Deanna MasclePocket 
Deatyou can still drink from a chipped cup 
Deborah Adams Cooper30-Jun-19
Dejah Garnerthink of the times 
Dennis PrestonVacation 
Devan WatsonReminder 
Don SolarzFor Granted 
Donelle DreeseDon’t You Forget About Me
Dwight MyfeltAll the Difference in the World 
Eric Parsonsuntitled 
Eric Scott SutherlandAwkward scrapes 
Erin Leigh MathewsHeat Lightning 
GA Smith19.6.22 (Eight Months Later) 
Gaby BedettiWatching Dallas with My Grandmother 
GeriPicking Raspberries 
Gloria KayTrust Issues 
H.A. Spinelli One Breath 
haven colemanRedbox 
HB Elamineffable 
Heather DentSome Things Refuse to Unravel 
Helen Feibeswhen I am eighteen and think about being older 
HuggThe Last Beauty 
hunter e. westenhoferhometown barbeque 
Hunter NelsonDementia 
J.F. AngelTragic 
j.tdear seattle 
Jay McCoyOf Love and Memory 
Jay St. OrtsI Pick Up Every One 
JazzyDrinking From The River of Fear 
JbirdWhen did I loose this feeling 
Jennifer (Stricklett) DobsonOne Night Stand? 
Jennifer BarricklowIn the marketplace of wisdom 
Jennifer BeckettWhile driving, I saw 
Jennifer BurchettNot Today 
Jennifer CurtisChanged My Everyday Life 
JerielleMorning song 
Jessica SwaffordHeart Ultrasound 
Jim LallyThe Great Leap Forward 
JK Eliasdesire 
Jo ManczykSowing Seeds 
John DuncanHow you hated Guns n’Roses 
John McCurryAre We Still Talking About Frog Eggs? 
Joseph Allen NicholsProselyte 
Jude LallyConfluence 
Julianne Vantland8 Years In The Unmaking 
K. Bruce FlorenceRooted on Colville Road 
K. Nicole WilsonHollow Pint Glasses 
Ka`imilaniSuddenly Summer 
Karah Stokesable now at last to be the rain 
Karen GeorgeSometimes A Photo Hollows You 
Kate Fadicktrying to say god 13 
Katerina StoykovaPoem, made up of titles of several recently acquired poetry books 
Kathleen CrosmerYardsale 
Katie Crossgreat-grandmother, maternal (“grandma”) 
Katrin Floreshow she leaves herself behind 
Kelley Tennillereincarnation 
Kelly Casey(re)memento mori 
Kendall Wilsonchild’s play 
Kim Kayne ShaverJune First 
Kimber GrayWilt 
Kris GillisToday Poetry Is 
Larry WheelerWonder 
Laura Foleytwoowt 
Leahna Marcum I am undone by you. 
Lennart LundhHis finger twitches 
Linda BryantFirst Marriage 
Linda CaldwellLaurie 
Lisa Miller HenryAunt JoAnn 
Liz PratherA Series of Nows 
LizzieLooWhoPlayground Games 
Lori TaylorNow 
M. CarterPretty Peach Girlie 
M. Randolph HeltzelEvan 
MaddieCThe County Fair 
Madeleine Hamiltonsewing feather to bone 
Madison MillerFor the Woman Standing on the Overpass at 4 P.M. 
Maggie BrewerAnother Father’s Day And You Are Still Dead 
Maggie Rue HessSun Revelation 
Malinda O’QuinnStories I Tell Myself About an Unknown Mother 
Margaret Russelluntitled 
mari leetKnow 
Marta DortonLifeJolt 
Mary AllenAlas, 
Mary LouRetirement 
Maya H. PembleMy Heart 
Meadow SmithPatrick via Constantino 
Melissa OlsonCommuter 
Melva Sue PriddyJune Haiku 
Metal PoetA Month or So 
Michael Moloneyuntitled 
Michayla Gatsosoh my god 
Michelle KnickerbockerPossibility 
Mike WilsonMiddle School Forever 
Misty Skaggsconfidence in full bloom 
Morghan FullerPerspective. 
Mya SophiaCool 
N.M.ZThe speed of 186292 miles per second 
Nancy JentschParadise Today 
Nettie Farris My Favorite Time of Day 
NinaOn a Summer’s Night 
Nollie PalmerSleepblooming 
Pat OwenArc 
Patrick JohnsonIn Our Time 
Patrick Maloneycity of rainbows 
Pauletta Hansel“This is the poem that has been staring at you for some time now.” * 
Philip R. CorleySpecter 
Philip SalleeOld Box of Notes 
Piper Morrison4 of Swords 
Rachel Xiahu Ica Cualtizin 
Rachel BollmanBrown County 
Rachel KhosrowshahiGood different. 
Ramsi WoodcockThe Vinegar Sea 
Rayny Palmertime and time 
rebecca turney1-Jun
Regan StrehlOceans of Another World 
Rena NuttForecasting and 
Renee RigdonInvasive 
RenmeleonBringing Home the Past 
RGIn flight 
RUDY THOMASAt Billy Collins’ favorite timt to write 
Ryan CurtisI Have Seen Her 
S.L. An Almost Poem 
Sabne RaznikRetired 
samsketchbookBlanket and Dog Talk 
Samue ShowalterFlemme 
Sean CorbinFirst of June and I Think of Whitman 
Shaun TurnerFalling In 3 Parts 
Shawn Saylor17-Jun-19
Stefani Hellerhighway 347 
Stephanie MojicaMá Sorte 
Steve CummingsAlone and Righteous 
Sue Leathersrocks in our pockets 
Susan L.F. IsaacsEmma Lazarus Inquires of North Georgia 
Susan M. StepehnsWe all do things we do not want to do 
Susie SlusherThings That Remind Me of You (Even Though They Really Shouldn’t): 
Sylvia AhrensAnd Then One Day She Lost Poetry 
Sylvia Collingsuntitled 
t.l. andrya space grown wide 
t.m. thomsonMoon seats itself 
Tabitha DialMercury in Pisces/ (Poets, Psychics, and People Pleasers) 
Tania HorneSome Thoughts on Beauty 
Tara Jenéeuntitled 
The Philosophical PhysicistQuantum Correlations 
Tillie the ToilerThe house my father built 
Tina ParkerDiagnosis 
TonyForgotten Song 
upfromsumdirtabstrack africana for june 8, 2019 
Venecia ProctorSo Cry Until Your Head Begins to Pound 
Victoria GrossRunning