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Lexington Poetry Month 2018 Selections

Jude McPherson is excited to share with you his picks for the 2018 Lexington Poetry Month Anthology! The anthology will be released next May. Have fun perusing the selections. They are in alphabetical order by first name or pseudonym.

. untitled
a.a. kate someone i used to know
A.E. Bryant A Guest’s 1-2-3-4–
Aidan Ziliak under this skin i am Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Championship
Amanda Holt The Week After You Die
Amanda Kelly Corbin Slow Progress
Amy Camuglia chainsaw massacre
Amy Cunningham Stoplight Tomatoes
Andrea Lawler Moon-Drenched Heartache
Andrew Depew Writing Comedy
Anne Hayden No Title to be Had
Ariana McCurry for samiah (although you’ll never know)
Ash Sandcastle
Atmospherique Catalogue of Dead Bugs to Be Vacuumed
Austin Rathbone Cute Little Place
Autumn HInes Chinatown Diamond
Bernie Deville Process
Betsie Phillips Summer Body
Bianca Bargo While You’re Away
Bill Verble Morning Walk
Bobbie Steve Baker After the Summit
Bree if it is Spring
Caden Pearson Apathy
Callie Budrick i’ll get my shit together
Candace Chaney my eurydice
Carole Johnston nausea
Cassidy god is the dirt
Cathy Perkins {Cleo} Sated
Christina Bowman Scent
Christopher McCurry How It Feels When Your Wife Leaves You #5
cl kirby on being assaulted.
Claire Qian Temporary Satisfactions
Coco Through the Layers
Dangerfield Yella Vittles or Gender Rolled
Dani Kokachak our lighthouse
Deanna the road to harlan
Debbie Adams Cooper We Wait
Dennis Preston Mealtime
Devan Watson
Donelle Dreese Venus Flytrap
Douglas Self See it for what it is
Eeyore Andronicus Low Country Death of an Asshole
Ella Helmuth Ain’t No Place
Erin Matthews 4CA
Gabby Bedetti Salvation for Messi
Harold Sherman IT WON’T FLY
HB Elam Six Ways of Looking at a Flame
Heather Dent Surrender
Hugg Age
Hunter Nelson Freddy Krueger
Imi Plus Sized Capers
J.Wise Summer Without An Apocalypse
JA Caswell Artificial, Empty
jamie The Wrong House
Jay St. Ortis Playing With My Food
Jennifer Another Easter
Jennifer Barricklow In triplicate
Jennifer Strickett Riding Shotgun
Jeremy Paden If Stones Were Kisses
Jessica Swafford Scenes From the County Fair
Job Jonson drinking stream 1
John McCurry Poem 4: Janelle
Jordan Quinn Today
Joseph Nichols Strange (Bar) Communion
Josey Bryant Mercy
Justin Littrell Once Upon a Holler
K. Bruce Florence The Report Card
K. Gray We Don’t Go to the Same Coffee Shop Anymore
K. Nicole Wilson A Ghost of Lovers Past(/Passed)
Kahleen Gregg A Matter of Vision
Karah Stokes Let’s do it live
Karen George I Want So Terribly To Feel
Kari Burchfield Current Situation
Kate Fadick remember this
Katerina Stoykova Note to Self
kathleen crosmer Peppermint Pig
Katie Cross books burn slowly
Katrin Flores yard sale
Kelly Casey variant
Kelly Tennille Little Sisters
Kerfoot Study a broad, forget her name
Kevin Mcray To my Heart
Koru Cross Country Season Starts Today
Kris Gillis Ishmael
Larry Wheeler Cardio Ballistica
Laura Foley Driver Carries Less Than $20
Lauren Hobson Float
Lauren Myfelt exhaustion
Lennart Lundh (The boy with a clock on his back
Linda Caldwell Cicada Song
Lisa Miller Henry Courage
Liz Prather The Rest is Fat
Lori Taylor Traumaville, Arkansas
M.Wells To the aggressive catcaller on Broadway:
Madeleine Hamilton the first one
Madison Miller
Maggie Brewer Arsenal
Maggie Rue Hess To Understand Soccer
Malinda O’Quinn Scout
Margaret Ricketts The eternal everyday
Mary Allen June 1, 2018
Mary Lou Grafitti
Maya Pemble Bittersweet Sixteen
Meadow Smith the day after
Melva Sue Priddy When You Have an Undertaker for a Friend
Michael Moloney
Michelle Johnson dispelled
Michelle Knickerbocker Grief after tacos
Mike Wilson Physics in a Black Hole
Missy Brownson Working Girl’s Blues
Misty Skaggs murder weapon
MJ Eaton Never Enough Money in the Account
mtpoet This Poem is for the rabbit
Nancy Jentsch Call 202-353-1555 *
Nettie Farris Predators
Nollie Palmer Daywake
Pat Owen The Tin Man
Patrick Maloney american derelict
Patti Miller Six Dimes
Pauletta Hansel Self Portrait as a Cockscomb
Phillip Corley Circadian
Phillip Salley Entropy
Rachel Koshrowshahi Phenomenal.
Rayny Palmer dim
Rebecca Cavendish-Taulbee Synthetic Biohybrid Babydoll
RG Green Thumb
Rona Roberts The One WIth Pockets
Sabne Raznik Home Is Where The Hurt Is
Samantha Radcliffe Mineshaft man, I’ve become you
Sarah Marie Stand Still
Serena Devi altar for june
Shaun Turner Trying Not to Write Roadkill
Shawn Saylor haiku 18
Shelda Hale New Dawn
Smiley To Apollo
stefani heller the box
Stephanie Mojca Adulation
Steve Cummings Left-handed insult?
Susan M. Stephens Reframed
Susie Slusher Bridgestone
Sylvia Ahrens On Going Home Again
Sylvia Collings Vivid
T.D. Worthingon Lunchtime Dejavu, ” my name’s…”
Tabitha Dial Made of Tin
Tania Horne For Jay
The Philosophical Physicist A Series of Closed Loops
tina andry america
Tina Parker Testimony
tm thomson Haven
Upfromsumdirt breastmeat
V. Moriarity Jesus the Cat
V. Violett Von Trapp In My Blood
Victoria Gross Dear New Jersey

Bronson O'Quinn

Read This on Your Phone

When I first coded this site, I had no idea what I was doing. In my mind, everyone came to this site on their cheap ACER laptop and viewed the site at a low resolution. As it turns out, not everyone uses a computer optimized only for Minesweeper. Most people, my research has shown, read this site on their phones.

In fact, 55% of viewers this year have come to the site through their phone. Of those 55%, nearly 80% are using an iPhone. Now, learning this doesn’t mean that I’m going to give preference to Apple users (don’t worry, Androids!). What this means is that I need to make sure that, when people view the site, they’re getting the best experience possible for that device.

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Bronson O'Quinn

Psst! Sign-Ups Are Open for 2018…

Christopher McCurry wanted me to have the sign-ups open by May 1st. But because I’m re-writing a lot of the code for this year’s Writing Challenge, I accidentally opened the flood doors a few days early. Congratulations to Hugg for signing up before I had the chance!

So, instead of closing the doors, I figure’d we could just roll with it. But you have to make me a promise: if you see anything wonky, or something doesn’t work the way you’d expect, let me know. I’m going to be ironing out the bugs (that’s how metaphors work, right?) throughout the event. Plus, I’ll be introducing a few new features over the upcoming weeks.

Please send us all of your feedback by clicking here and filling out the form. And as always, feel free to spread the word and make this the best Lexington Poetry Month Writing Challenge ever!


Bronson O’Quinn


Lexington Poetry Month 2017 Selections

Below are tina andry’s selections for the 2017 Lexington Poetry Month Anthology!

Congratulations, Poets!

I hope you enjoy returning to the work you did in June. Have a happy holiday!

The list in alphabetical order based on the name used to post the poems.

Aaron Kerfoot Erin 6:07
Aaron Slatten bunkies
Alexis Tipton My skin
Amanda Holt After Apologizing Months After I Should Have
Amanda Kelley Corbin The heart in this body
Amy Camuglia afternoons
Amy Cunningham New Superstitions All Over the House
Andrea Lawler London
Andrew Depew Origin Story
Anne Hayden Told You So
Ashleigh Barker In Remembrance
Audrey Rooney Of Skeps and Skeptics
Austin Rathbone Ice Cream Social
Autumn Hines secrets
Beatrice Underwood-Sweet Overdue
Bernard Deville Wet Season
Bianca Bargo Summer Question
Bobby Steve Baker Pathetic Fallacy
Brandyn Johnson I Meet a Man from Botswana
Bree For J. in Idaho
Bronson O’Quinn Crumb Girl
Callie Budrick capers
Candace Chaney pornhub doesn’t have what i’m looking for
carole johnston stalking
Catherine Perkins head in
Chaiya Miller knockout
Christopher McCurry While Talking to a Student and Eating a Banana
Chuck Clenney Life is a Hole
Claire Qian Lemonade Cup
Corey Kirby making small talk.
Dakota Himes Mean-Spirited
Danielle Kokochak untitled
Deanna Mascle I need a room of my own
Debbie Cooper “i don’t know shit about love” ~ after Erin L. Mathews
Dennis Preston His Narnia
doh broken
Doug Self The First Eviction
E. Helmuth Show
Edelweiss Meadows-Millstone Sharing Cherries
Elizabeth Beck Strange Design
Elizabeth Sands Wise Small Gestures
Elle Caraway Barefoot
Erin Mathews We’re gross
Gaby Bedetti From Savagery to Civilization
Harold Sherman The Ugly Curse
HB Elam #8026BF ( 128, 38, 191)
J. Wise Etiolate
J.A. Caswell Frankfort
James C. Royce When I think of ashes
james wheeler THE WINDOW
Jamie Mann Angling
Jay St. Orts Pregnant Pause
Jennifer Barricklow Unresolved
Jennifer Beckett In Cassis
Jennifer Curtis Baggage
Jeremy Paden in buen retiro park
Jessica Swafford Taken Care Of
Jim Lally A Woman Doesn’t Wait For Me
John McCurry Lust
Jonel Sallee Perils of an Infernal World
Jordan Quinn Nights Like This
Jordyn Manczyk Once It Cools
Joseph Allen Nichols This Isn’t That
Jude Lally How I Open a Bag of Chips
Jude McPherson I-75 or Check In
K Gray The First One
K. Bruce Florence Singular Start
K. Nicole Wilson Bullet Points of Insanity
Ka`imilani Moving Again: Wrapping It Up
Karen George In a forest clearing
Kate Fadick the one kind face
Katerina Stoykova Excerpts from nearly all poems I started today
Kathleen Gregg The Case for Eating Oranges
Katrin Flores lypsyl
Kevin McCray Family Haiku
Kris Gillis Summer Reading
KYStitcher Results
Lacey L Trautwein Postmates
Larry Wheeler Muscle Memory
Leigh Anne Hornfeldt Coming Home Unexpectedly
Linda Caldwell Compassion Fatigue
Lisa Miller Henry Knots
Liz Prather A Gap in Learning
Lori Taylor Sweet and Sour
M J Eaton Longest Day
M. Wells Morning soft
Maggie Brewer Bounce
Malinda O’Quinn come home
mari leet Knock Out Punches
Mary Allen A Double Fib
Mary Owens Like it is, it does
McKenna Carter Let the bus ride
Melva Sue Priddy Ode to Poison Ivy
michelle johnson submission
Michelle Knickerbocker Before I was one
Mike Wilson Sinner in Remission
Misty Skaggs blossoming and bolting
mtpoet 4 lines about what calls to my heart from your dark eyes
Name Poem Selected
Nettie Farris The Trial
Odella Taylor 8th
Pamela Gibbs Hirschler Oberon and Titania Fight Over Who Does the Dishes
Pat Owen After the Funeral
Patrick Maloney hell of a job
Patti Miller Crayons
Pauletta Hansel My Mother’s Clothes
Philip Corley The Ambivalence of Moving Forward
Philip Sallee What a Life is for?
Rachel Khosrowshahi Disappearing Trick
Rae Cobbs Prediction
Rebecca Cavendish Submission
Reid In the Spring
Robin Rahija When I got back from Puerto Rico
Rona Roberts Shower Ditty
S.L. Tiny Ways To Fall In Love
Sabne Raznik Ask
Saira Furner Grand old archangel
Samantha Ratcliffe Mental
Sean L Corbin Zoloft
Serena Devi untitled
Shelda Hale I Am Not a Stanza
Simon Boes Summer
stefani heller garden vs garden
Steve Cummings Peace Walk
Sue Churchill Fellow
Susie Slusher 3:15 AM
T.D. Worthington Do Us A Favor Grocery Store Stranger
T.M. Thomson The Fox
Tania Horne Era
Teri Foltz God II
The Philosophical Physicist Satori In The Cracked Cup
tina andry herrington lake
upfromsumdirt butt-dialed and listening to you breathe
Victoria Agee Liability
Zlatna Darling


The Messenger Is Sudden Thunder Release


I’m so glad to finally be announcing the release of The Messenger is Sudden Thunder: Selections from Lexington Poetry Month 2016.

We want to celebrate this release with an event at the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning on Wednesday, September 20th, from 6:00pm to 7:00pm. Please come read your poem from the anthology! There will be drinks and snacks, and with any luck, just enough time to chat. Invite friends and family. This is one of the best readings of the year.

If you are interested in getting a copy of the anthology there are a couple of ways we can make that happen:

  1. Come to the reading! We will have them there for an even $20 cash or check, but will also be able to process credit cards.
  2. Order directly from the Workhorse website by clicking here!
  3. Help us reach 100 supporters and receive a copy of the 2016 and 2017 anthology by becoming a patron.

If you have already pledged five or more dollars to Workhorse (thank you!), we will be shipping your book out soon! Feel free to let me know you are attending the reading and you can pick your book up there.

Finally, Workhorse is accepting applications for the 3rd year of The Poetry Gauntlet. You can read it about it here! It’s a year long challenge to write 100 poems and read 12 books of poetry with a community of 10 other poets. I hope you’ll join us. We’ve had writers from all over Kentucky the last two years!

That’s all (and probably more than enough) for now! Hope to see everyone soon.

Take Care,


Bronson O'Quinn

Update: Discussion Boards

Dear poets,

A new year brings new changes. Not only are we on our own website, but I’ve reconfigured how the system works so that we can take advantage of more features. While I don’t want to bore you with the specifics, I do want to share one of the more interesting additions.

Discussion Boards

photo by Malinda O’Quinn

We have added discussion boards (i.e. forums) to the site! This means that, aside from commenting on each other’s posts, you can also create threads to share your favorite poets, ask for writing feedback, or talk about off-topic things such as the best recipe for streak-free window cleaner. Obviously, moderators will be monitoring these and reserve the right to limit privileges and ban participants for any reason. But we’ve also been an ideal online community, so I’m a lot less worried than I am excited to learn more about the poets I’ve been writing with for the past four years.

Technical Issues

As I hinted at, I’ve changed a lot of things beneath the surface, so if you see any errors, let me know. Click here to go to the contact page and send me your issues. Try to describe what was happening so that I can troubleshoot the problem. And I will do my best to get back to you within a couple weekdays. Currently, I’m the only one who understands the code that I’ve written for this thing, but I’ll be sharing that knowledge with other members of Workhorse and Accents Publishing.

Aside from that, thank you so much for signing up, and I can’t wait to see some poetry!


Bronson O’Quinn