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the bluegrass warbler
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A. E. Bryant
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A. E. has a background primarily in theatre, photography, and painting. She has used these skills to bring light to the dark places, starting with herself. Her faith partnered with art has given her courage fight for freedom and truth.
Reason for Signing Up:
I am in pursuit of my own story. Discovering light in the dark places and in search for the beauty midst chaos. Because words to me are like a sieve. Ideas being processed into words, bringing new eyes and balm to the unseen places within.
Andrea Lawler
A. A. Kate
A.R. Turner
Abra McCurry
Vincent Houp
Aiden Crawley
Aiden Crawley is a 17 year old artist who has possessed a passion for writing since a young age. Only finding an escape in books, he has always found words as an art form.
Reason for Signing Up:
My friends, as well as my teacher, and I are all greatly excited to participate together and talk about it.
Amanda Crum
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Amanda Crum is a writer and artist whose work can be found in publications such as Eastern Iowa Review and Barren Magazine, as well as in several anthologies. Her first chapbook of horror poetry, The Madness In Our Marrow, made the shortlist for a Bram Stoker Award nomination in 2015.
Reason for Signing Up:
I would love to be more involved in the local poetry scene.
Amanda Holt
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Amanda Holt is a High School English Teacher at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School in Lexington, KY. She has been writing poems since she was 5.
Reason for Signing Up:
For the camaraderie and accountability and to continue the tradition.
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Amanda Corbin
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Amanda Kelley Corbin holds an MFA in fiction from UK. Her work has appeared in Inscape, Kentucky Monthly, JMWW, Eunoia Review, Fried Chicken and Coffee, American Book Review, Madcap Review, and four LexPoMo anthologies. She lives in Lexington with her family.
Reason for Signing Up:
To beat 11 this year!
Amy Camuglia
Amy Cunningham
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Amy Le Ann Richardson
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Amy Richardson was born and raised in Morehead, KY. She grew up running through the hills with her cousins and walking barefoot through her parents’ garden letting her imagination run wild. Her love of stories led her to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in English from Morehead State University and her Master of Fine Arts in Writing from Spalding University. She currently owns/runs and organic farm in Carter County where she homeschools her two kids.
Reason for Signing Up:
I am challenging myself to write more.
Andrew Depew
Andrew Wilson
Native Kentuckian.
Eternal Oregonian.
Luckiest Man Alive.
Reason for Signing Up:
Fame and fortune...
Anna Walsh
Anna is a teacher who loves to get lost in the pages of a good book. She is working on becoming the kind of writer who actually writes (instead of a writer who keeps everything in her head).
Reason for Signing Up:
This is a leap of faith for me. All of my poetry has stayed safely within the pages of my journals, never seeing the light of day. I'm intimidated by joining a group of experienced poets, but some friends encouraged me to give it a try.
Anne Hayden